Behavior…Initiator to Our Choices


Join us on Tuesday, May 4 from 2-4 p.m. EST for a free 2-PDC Course Webinar called Behavior…Initiator to Our Choices!


All HR coordinators are welcome to attend, free of charge.

This webinar is sponsored by SOFA, The Society For Financial Awareness, who is a SHRM Recertification Provider.

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During this exciting, informative two-hour discussion, we’ll cover:

•    How each one of us is individually “wired” in our behavior.

•    Formed habit making: how we choose, deliberate and act with others.

•    Is it the environment or us, that motivates our Employees?

•    Our power of repetition…build up, tear down, turn on, turn off.

•    The art of engaging: encouraging, instructive, fun.

•    Measuring “happy talk” vs relentless improvement. 

•    Exploring self-esteem, confidence and acceptance in the workplace.

•    The death of hope, dreams and inspiration…Employee’s personal debt.

•    The 5 types of financial behavior.

•    Worse than COVID? Leadership based on ego and arrogance…why?